Revelations 3:2

Strengthen What Remains.


Ephesians 6:18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. When I was a young child there was a plaque hanging on the wall of my room with a picture of Jesus and the words "Jesus never fails". This image and the message it conveyed has never left my mind. As I grew and made my own attempts to decide what kind of person I should be the idea that God is real was always present. So many of my early life choices were directed by just wanting to fit in or just because it felt good at the moment. Like so many of you I sometimes would pray that God would intervene in the circumstances I had created and just make it all better. Disappointment was the obvious fruit of that effort to receive something from him. Eventually I became disillusioned with the life I was living and just opted out and spent a few years just living on a farm. There was very little contact with the outside world during that time. The small group of people around me were mostly going through the same crisis. The question that haunted us was "What is true?". We studied various religions and philosophies immersing ourselves in them until we felt we grasped their truth. Each one had its own share of validity. Each one could be used as a template to guide a persons life, but the bottom line was they all felt empty. They were only well crafted opinions about something greater than ourselves. All through this time of searching we had continued to read our bibles occasionally and would share our thoughts with each other. We came to a place where we decided that living the Christian life was the most noble and fulfilling way for us and we did that for a while. Still, there was something missing. Then one day it occured to me that I was living a life to honor a God who I had never seen or met. I had no real proof that he even existed other than a book that testified to his existance. So I prayed a simple prayer - "God I beleive in you but I have no evidence to base that on. Show me you are real". A few days later I was in my living room sipping on a cup of coffee and watching a television ministry. They began praying over a large pile of requests that had been sent to them. Suddenly I had a vision. The wall of the room just seemed to open up and I saw the hill sides off in the distance. Out of the valleys there were mists rising up and just drifting off into nothingness. I heard a voice say "I am answering these prayers right now and this is what it's like". I literally dropped to the floor on my knees and about this time the ministers were offering a version of the sinners prayer. It was a simple acceptance of the truth that we are sinners and need Gods forgiveness. As I prayed along with them a presence filled the room that was both incredibly loving and holy. I had found truth and he was the man Jesus - the son of the Living God. I hope you have a chance to experience it.